Photo101:Triumph & Contrast.

OK, yes I know I’m late posting this final assignment to the course, but at the end of last week life seriously got in the way!

Regular Blogonaughts will know of my friend G and his battle with leukaemia. Things have been a bit up and down for him of late, but his mental therapy and release from the cancer treatment has been riding motorbikes. Until last week, when the poor chap was knocked off his bike by a crazy pedestrian.

The lady in question, in her 60’s and lets just say rather large (no lets just say fat!), ran across the road without looking and collided side-on with G and his motorbike. Fortunately G was only travelling at about 10mph and even better was being followed by a Police car whose occupants saw the whole thing happen. Even so he ended up with a broken wrist and bruises all over. G’s pride and joy, his Triumph Bonneville Scrambler, was written off!

Worst of all, he can’t ride for six weeks until his wrist knits back together!

So in tribute to my mate, for whom life just seems to throw even more crap at, here’s a picture of him on his Triumph in happier times. As always, thinking of you mate!

G's Triumph.

G’s Triumph.

Oh yes, the pedestrian? Well, her ample rolls of lard protected her from serious injury, she needs to be grateful that G was not on a bigger bike or a car!

On the assignment front I couldn’t resist playing with monochrome again.

This is a small carving that can be found on the beach at Tintagel on the North Cornwall coast. The lady’s hand gives scale and also adds a stark degree of contrast to the slate rock, especially in black and white. I hope you like it.

Magical contrasts.

Magical contrasts.

Catch you all soon.


Photo101: Warmth & the Quality of Light

Our delightful spell of early Spring weather is continuing here in lovely Cornwall. High pressure is dominating, the sky is largely clear and sunshine abounds. It is, however, still a bit cool with overnight frost and a distinct chill on the light North Easterly breeze.

The point of this rambling weather report is that today I got the quality of light, albeit a tad hazy, but not the warmth! Actually, one of the great things about Cornwall is the quality of the light; the famous Newlyn and St Ives art movements grew up in the 19th Century specifically taking advantage of the beautiful Cornish coastal light. Hmm, the coast.

On that basis, this afternoon I fired up Harley, had a gentle trundle around the byways and eventually ended up at Tintagel Haven on the North Cornwall coast just as the sun was beginning to dip lower in the sky. I wouldn’t say we hit the sweet spot of the “golden hour” as today has pretty much all been quite golden, but the light was rather nice.

I wandered around on the foreshore, grabbing shots here and there, but nothing really excited me until I wandered into the large cavern known as “Merlin’s Cave.” Lying on roughly an East – West axis the cave burrows right through Tintagel Island and is open to the sea at each end. As I walked in the tide was on the flood and beginning to surge through from the West. I grabbed a couple of shots looking into the setting sun, but wasn’t very convinced; then I turned around and got the photo I was looking for!

A Golden Spell Cast From Merlin's Cave.

A Golden Spell Cast From Merlin’s Cave.

I hope you like it.