Blue Monday

Hello everyone!

First up, please accept my apologies for being a tad tardy in making posts over the last few weeks. Mostly my excuse is that I haven’t had much to say, so rather than blithering complete nonsense, as opposed to mostly nonsense I thought it best to shut up!

Life in Dookes World is pretty OK, I’ve been out and about on the bikes quite a bit though only relatively local trips. I am, however, getting totally fed up with the constant need to wash the bikes after each ride… go out on a blue Harley and return on a brown one, such is the level of c**p on our local roads at the moment! – No, don’t worry I’m not publishing a photo of a dirty motorbike!

Which leads me to the title of this post.

Apparently, the third Monday of January, (that’s today!), has been given the name “Blue Monday” and has been identified as the most depressing day of the year for countries in the Northern Hemisphere! There are even statistical equations that purport to back up the claim, though as two completely different versions of the equation exist I doubt that my old Mathematics Professor would be very impressed!

Now quite what this pseudoscience nonsense is all based on I’m not sure…though I’m inclined to suspect that travel companies eager to make bookings in the post-Christmas period have a lot to do with it!

Looking out of the window here at Dookes H.Q. today it’s dark, misty, damp and dreary, the forecast says its going to be this way for about a week… so maybe there is something in it after all!

All is not lost though.

We have been experiencing a very mild winter so far with temperatures around ten degrees celsius above average, it’s certainly saving on heating costs!

Best of all, a wander around the grounds here at H.Q. reveals that Spring is racing its way towards us. There are shoots of all my favourite Spring flowers pushing up from the ground through the last fallen leaves of Autumn. Stars of the show so far are a couple of delightful Primroses that certainly have arrived first!

Primrose, Primula vulgaris. Excuse the poor quality, blame the rain and the light!

Primrose, Primula vulgaris.
Excuse the poor quality, blame the rain and the light!

Now with that little glimpse of Spring I’m of to plan some road trips!

Blue Monday? Nah, not really!

“Monday morning you look so fine,
Friday I got travellin’ on my mind.”

Catch you soon.


La better kind of blue!

My kind of blue!

12 thoughts on “Blue Monday

  1. When you say Blue Monday the song by New Order springs to mind. Remember that one? It never seemed to finish…. anyway love the song you chose.
    Oh and you’re very lucky to have the spring flowers coming up already. We’re still waiting for winter to properly kick in here D.

    You should just post your bletherings anyway…. I do 😜

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  2. Love the Fleetwood Mac reference…. not many people would pull that out of the hat ! As for Blue Monday, I can’t say I’ve heard it referenced before, but I can understand why it would be – the excitement of the holidays is over, the weather is damp and chilly, and anything worth looking forward to seems a lifetime away. Here in the USA, today is the Martin Luther King Jr. holiday, and lucky for me it’s a paid day off from work! But I’m not sure I’ll get on a motorcycle today cuz I’m feeling a bit blue myself (but maybe I’ll put on some Fleetwood Mac to pick me up 😉) Thanks for sharing !

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  3. Good on you Dookes! I love your optimism, your stories are always positive. Meanwhile in Vancouver it is dark, cold and miserable. Spring is nowhere in sight. Unusual for these parts. I have a sore back. However, I am lying on a vibrating heat pad and the woman I love is beside me. It doesn’t get any better than that!!

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    • You are doing what???????😱😱😱😱😱

      I’m jealous, veeeeery jealous!!!!!😎😎😎😎

      Thanks for the kind words. Good news is that the weather forecast now predicts some sunshine for the middle of the week…two wheel time I believe!

      Keep smiling my friend, thinking of ya!

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