Rick Parfitt – R.I.P.

A small part of my world disappeared today with the sad news that Rick Parfitt of the rock band Status Quo had died.
Quo were one of the sound tracks of a young Dookes’ youth. Their simple twelve bar blues rhythm rock songs demanded nothing other than you just got up and banged your head to the beat. It was all a teenage lad needed, especially when the girls were in short supply!
Rick, thank you for the music and the memories…rock on my denim clad friend. I’ll miss you.

Christmas won’t be quite as rockin’ without you.image

“When I’m thinking of you sleeping
I’m at home alone and weeping.”

Catch you soon.

6 thoughts on “Rick Parfitt – R.I.P.

  1. I know, so sad about Rick. Also can’t believe George Michael died too. I saw him in Tampa about 5 years ago and he was amazing live. What a singer!
    2016 has been a terrible year for losing so many household names. 😪


  2. Aged 13, denim jacket, that dance where you tucked your thumbs into your jeans belt loops and got down with your elbows, long hair, lots of like-minded mates but absolutely no prospect of a girlfriend – your fault Mr Parfitt I believe. Rest in peace!

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