Photo101: Scale and Observation.

Hello everyone.
Today’s assignment nearly beat me. Not because I couldn’t find anything to shoot; no I couldn’t find an end result that I liked! Am I getting too picky?

I tried little model motorbikes perched on the fender of one of my Harleys. Ants climbing over pebbles. Golf balls, tennis balls, rugby balls. I couldn’t stand any of them.

Time to get out on two wheels and find some inspiration!

A gentle trundle around the Northern edge of Bodmin Moor took me to the old air-base at Davidstow. I’ve blogged about this place in the past, it’s one of my favourite locations to go for a bit of fresh air and thinking space.

Thinking space on a Harley.

Thinking space on a Harley.

I can palpably feel history in the air here, but apart from the ghosts of the past and the odd walker the only other inhabitants are the sheep. . . and that’s when I got an idea!

Looking West I could see there were some sheep enjoying the last of the evening sunshine and they were nicely silhouetted on a small hummock.

Spot the sheep!

Spot the sheep!

I hope that this shot gives some idea of the wide open space that is Davidstow and puts a form of scale to the view!

Catch you soon.


7 thoughts on “Photo101: Scale and Observation.

  1. You were much more motivated than I was for today’s theme…. it’s raining, I’m working, I don’t have much time, etc. etc. Anyway lovely views as always D… but you should have done a selfie in your bike’s mirror 😉

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