Photo101: Landscape & Cropping

Hello Blogonaughts!

For today’s challenge/assignment for the Photo101 course I thought that I couldn’t be happier, but then I got thinking, again.

OK, the self-imposed rule is that I’m taking new photos for the course. That rules out a whole bunch of mountain views from around the world, just gotta get out on a bike and take some fresh pictures!

Now many of you people will have seen my photos from around the area where I live, Bodmin Moor in Cornwall UK. Living in such a lovely place I have to admit that I am more than a little spoilt for views to point my camera at and often I tend to return to favourite places. So today just as a treat to myself I went of to a small corner on the extreme Eastern edge of the Moor, somewhere I haven’t visited for a few years, even though it is only about four miles from Dookes H.Q. as the crow flies.

I hope you like what I managed to get. I couldn’t resist a bit of cropping on one shot and turning it monochrome. . . it just seemed to cry out for that treatment!

Kilmer Tor, imposing and forbidding.

Kilmar Tor, imposing and forbiding.

Hawks Tor, wild hard country.

Hawks Tor, wild hard country.

Hawks Tor monochrome.

Hawks Tor monochrome.

Kit Hill and the Lynher Vale.

Kit Hill and the Lynher Vale.

A Harley in the spring landscape.

A Harley in the spring landscape.

I had a lovely morning grabbing these shots, even better was riding my fine Harley friend along the way!

Catch you soon.


22 thoughts on “Photo101: Landscape & Cropping

  1. It’s wild out West – really rugged big landscapes, the monochrome treatment was a must, works beautifully. My favourite is Kit Hill – like the lane meandering round to the right. I like how they are kind of layered (I’m sure there’s a technical term) by which I mean there’s a defined fore mid and far ground in all of them – makes them much more interesting than just a plain flat shot which is kind of where I’m at with mine at the moment……


    • Fore, mid and background is what I think you are looking for! Yes “layered” is a good way of describing it.
      Hey, lady, that sea shot of yours is proof that you are in the “interesting” zone, so please don’t knock your own ability.
      It’s a funny thing the human eye; we look at a scene and involuntarily zoom in on the bit that interests us, but the camera doesn’t work like that, it takes in everything in a very “flat” way. That’s why we can often get disappointed that the picture it takes isn’t what we were looking at, but that’s when editing can come to the rescue!
      Maybe if you rode a motorbike it would help you look at the world in a different way? Works for me!!!! 🙂
      Only joking!!! 🙂

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      • I see exactly what you mean, that’s why just pointing and clicking is so disappointing. The temptation when you are taking pictures from a phone is just to click away with not much thought today am going to play around setting shots up, taking it slower. Thanks am learning so much here.

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  2. That monochrome makes your photo look like it’s in the foothills of North America. The scrub and brush are really enhanced. And I love the names of all the places you photograph.

    I’ve travelled to many places but, to be honest have never had a desire to travel to the UK. Your photos make me want to go. 😊

    Great job once again Snr Dookes. You can tell that you enjoy capturing them.

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