Photo101: Moment & Motion.

It’s been a busy day in my world and I didn’t get as much time to chase the shots I wanted for this assignment.

My initial thoughts were based around water cascading over a coastal waterfall on the North Cornwall coast. Simple really; set up camera on tripod, take long exposure and bingo nice blurred water in motion shot. . . er well, not quite! Guess who not only forgot the tripod, but also only took a compact camera that wouldn’t go below 1/30th of a second shutter speed, Doh!

Actually, I got a couple of reasonable shots, but nowhere near what I had in mind.

Tumbling Water in Motion.

Tumbling Water in Motion.

Rushing by in Closeup

Rushing by in Closeup

On returning to Dookes H.Q. later in the day, I picked up a tripod, my trusty Nikon D80 and headed out to grab the fading evening light. I had an idea.

Cornwall is a pretty breezy part of the world, we get buffeted by the North Atlantic winds for most of the year and in recent times we have seen a sharp rise in the number of wind farms and turbines being built. These structures have the ability to sharply divide opinion amongst many people. For the record, I like them. I like the engineering, the look of them and can spend hours being almost hypnotised by their regal action.

So let’s have a play with the camera!
This is what I call a “normal” shot.

ISO160, 75mm lens, f11, 1/80th Sec. exposure.

ISO160, 75mm lens, f11, 1/80th Sec. exposure.

Now lets put some “motion” into the shot!
ISO160, 75mm lens, f34, 1/5th Sec. exposure.

ISO160, 75mm lens, f34, 1/5th Sec. exposure.

As the light began to slip away, I couldn’t resist a more ‘arty’ shot from a different angle, but still with movement in the moment.
ISO100, 18mm lens, f22, 1/8th Sec. exposure.

ISO100, 18mm lens, f22, 1/8th Sec. exposure.

I’ve got to say, I enjoyed grabbing these photographs and I hope you like them too.

Catch you soon.


Just for the record, no photo-shopping here, it was all done with the camera!

18 thoughts on “Photo101: Moment & Motion.

  1. yep the last one has it for me. I agree with you on the turbines thing; I think they look so majestic slowly turning and i would have one in my view any day. Why do people object so mus to them I wonder, would they rather a nuclear power station be erected in the view instead? Nobody complains about an old windmill which effectively the same thing.

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    • Your comment about cameras has given me an idea for a post, so thank you for that and also for your feedback on the photos.
      Thanks for the award nomination, I’m a bit busy at the moment, but will accept in due course, once Photo101 is finished.

      Liked by 1 person

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