Photo101: Glass, Squared.

I had such big ideas for today’s assignment, but all I needed was one vital missing ingredient – sunshine!

I spent some time in my workshop trying out some ideas with motorbike headlamps, but no I didn’t like the end results. Frustration was beginning to set in.

Early this afternoon though, I noticed that the sky was brightening and one or two brief breaks in the cloud cover were appearing. As the sun began to stream obliquely through our dining room window, I realised that this was going to have to be a quickly grabbed opportunity.

There were precious few props to hand, but a nice bottle of Monbazillac placed on the window sill created a lovely effect as the sun shone through the golden wine.

Sunshine and amber Monbazillac create golden rays.

Sunshine and amber Monbazillac create golden rays.

I literally had time for half a dozen shots, before the sun disappeared into the clouds again.

The light remained bright, but not sunny, so I had a little play with a crystal decanter and highlighted it with some artificial light. I must say I’m quite pleased with the end result. P1050544I really like the refraction effect in the square cuts.

Yes, I’m pleased with that and I hope you like it!