Photo101: Glass, Squared.

I had such big ideas for today’s assignment, but all I needed was one vital missing ingredient – sunshine!

I spent some time in my workshop trying out some ideas with motorbike headlamps, but no I didn’t like the end results. Frustration was beginning to set in.

Early this afternoon though, I noticed that the sky was brightening and one or two brief breaks in the cloud cover were appearing. As the sun began to stream obliquely through our dining room window, I realised that this was going to have to be a quickly grabbed opportunity.

There were precious few props to hand, but a nice bottle of Monbazillac placed on the window sill created a lovely effect as the sun shone through the golden wine.

Sunshine and amber Monbazillac create golden rays.

Sunshine and amber Monbazillac create golden rays.

I literally had time for half a dozen shots, before the sun disappeared into the clouds again.

The light remained bright, but not sunny, so I had a little play with a crystal decanter and highlighted it with some artificial light. I must say I’m quite pleased with the end result. P1050544I really like the refraction effect in the square cuts.

Yes, I’m pleased with that and I hope you like it!


24 thoughts on “Photo101: Glass, Squared.

  1. We are all taking this seriously and yet having fun with it. Don’t you think?

    Is the wine what we would call a late harvest sweet or is it dry? I’ve never heard of it before.

    Lovely take on the theme again Snr Dookes. Worth the effort methinks. 😊

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    • Monbazillac is a sweet white wine, very like a Sauternes and yes it is late harvested, but by hand. It is produced in the village of the same name on the left bank of the Dordogne River just across from the town of Bergerac in South West France.


      • Wow. Here we enjoy Chilean or Argentine wine. In Canada we have some lovely Okonagan wines. And of course Canada is famous for its deliciously sweet Ice Wine.

        Your wine looks very similar to a golden late harvest we can buy here that is produced in Chile. Definitely best left until the end of the meal to sip with dessert. I brought one for Easter Dinner with our friends but we ended up having a lovely fruity Port. I’m by no means a wine bon vivant but I know what I like. 😊 That Port was nothing like we were made to sip at the hubby’s mess dinners back in the day. This one was actually drinkable.

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