Still Rolling

Hello everyone.

Where has this summer gone?

The world is truly a strange place at the moment. Whilst the human population is being ravaged by a planet-wide pandemic politicians across the Continents seem to display a mixture of greed, incompetence and plain ignorance. In exchange, many of the population appear to live in fear, whilst others carry on in a self-centred bubble of denial!
As the song says,”Two men say they are Jesus, one of them must be wrong.” It sort of sums up how I feel!!!!

For lots of reasons my motorcycle activity has been somewhat limited of late.

It’s partly due to other more pressing matters, such as building work at Dookes H.Q., but also a reflection of how the current global situation makes me feel; I honestly don’t really feel that I can justify pleasure rides on a motorcycle whilst people are both dying and working so hard to contain the C19 virus.

That said, I am lucky to live in a beautiful part of our island country.

I’m only five miles away from one of the most stunning coasts in the world. Ok I’m biased, I admit!

A small shopping trip the other day morphed into an extended loop on some tourist avoiding back roads which was nice.

It really doesn’t matter if I’m on two motorised wheels or two Dookes Pedal-Powered wheels….it doesn’t take very long to go somewhere to really lift the spirits!

Then there’s Dookes H.Q., sitting outside having an evening gin and tonic the view is, frankly, delightful, I’m very lucky.

Stay safe people and I’ll catch you soon.

10 thoughts on “Still Rolling

  1. Hi Dookes,
    Always great to go through a fresh post from the Dookes H.Q.! I agree with what you said in regard to how you feel in this pandemic. On the other hand, so good for you to live in an area close to the beautiful sea and with many mountains around. Enjoy everything, stay healthy, and be well! Take care, my friend!

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    • Thanks my friend. We are OK thanks.
      Cycling does me the power of good, both physically andmentally. When ever I feel shortness of breath coming on I go for a ride and push myself as hard as I can, it really helps. The doctors are mystified other than “It works, so go for it!” I’ve had examinations, chest X-rays and various other tests; there is some scarring on the lungs, but thats all; thanks C19…not!
      NZ has a super no nonsense approach that I admire, I have some family who live there, perhaps we need to go move in with them!!!


  2. Dear Dookes, Have you watched the series Long Way Up on Apple TV +? You will like it, I am sure. Best to you and your family and stay safe! Greetings from cold (this time) San Diego!


    • Hi Fabio, sorry to have missed your comment.
      No, sadly I haven’t seen Long Way Up yet as we haven’t got Apple TV, but I’m looking forward to it appearing on one of the platforms that we do use.
      Best wishes from a cold and wet Cornwall!

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