Photo101: Double & Rotation

OK, I confess I’ve really stretched the interpretation of todays assignment!

To be honest I was lost for inspiration, maybe it was the dead dull, boring, double yellow lines of our course leader’s example that did it for me.

Or perhaps it was the scenery that I was today again surrounded by on the beautiful North Cornwall coast that shut out trivial things of “doubleness!”

As a result dear Blogonaught, I am forcing upon you a slightly obtuse approach; my “Double” is two shots of the same scene but in different formats, which sort of gives a nod to the “Rotation” requirements!

Why give you two of the same?

Well, I just feel that the view is so stunningly beautiful that I wanted to share it with you, twice. After all I was the lucky one perched up on the cliff enjoying it today!P1050635P1050637
Just so I’m not accused of cheating too much, here’s another shot that qualifies as a double, but I think it would look silly if I rotated it!

Two Gulls = Double Trouble!

Two Gulls = Double Trouble!

I hope you like the shots, please let me know what you think of them.

Catch you soon.


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