Photo101:Mystery & Lighting Effects

Very early this morning, whilst walking our dogs at Dookes H.Q. I was treated to the wonderful spectacle of sunrise.

I watched the golden fireball of the sun slowly rise above the horizon, casting it’s light across the frozen ground and creating a stunning light effect. It was definitely going to be a very nice day, even though at that hour the temperature was hovering around zero degrees celsius.

It struck me that we take a lot of things for granted in our modern age; we know why the sun rises and sets every day, we understand the phases of the moon, the tides of the sea and even our weather.

For the ancients, all these things were a Mystery and none more so than the Sun.

Our local star has been worshiped as a deity, feared as a demon, adored as the Earth’s Mother and even held in awe as the spirits of the ancestors, amongst many other beliefs.

It is as fundamental now to our own very existence, our past and our future as it was in those ancient times. In many ways, to most of us it still remains an untouchable enigma, a Mystery.IMG_0050




“Turn you face to the sun and the shadows fall behind you.” – Maori proverb.


PS I couldn’t choose which shot I like most, so I posted four!

17 thoughts on “Photo101:Mystery & Lighting Effects

  1. So poetic! In my minds eye, I could see all the people standing in that same spot over the millennia watching that same sunrise and it gave me goose bumps! Or whatever you call them in Cornwall… And I like all of the pictures! Glad you couldn’t decide!

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