Photo101: Natural World & Leading Lines

Hello everyone.

The Photo101 course continues and so does the great weather here in Cornwall, which makes taking photographs a really pleasant pastime.

I took loads of pictures today, ranging from trees to salmon in our local fishmongers, honestly I did! Unfortunately I just couldn’t seem to get exactly what I was looking for. . . until I got back home, took a walk around our land at Dookes H.Q. and found exactly what I had in mind!

I couldn’t decide on landscape or portrait format, both have their plus points and I am open to comments and opinions. So please let me know what you think, here are the photographs.

Looking up in the reeds.

Looking up in the reeds.

Reeds pointing to the sky.

Reeds pointing to the sky.

Looking forward to your comments, talk to me!


35 thoughts on “Photo101: Natural World & Leading Lines

  1. Portrait for me… The leading lines are elongated more and it’s more pleasing to the eye. ( the landscape one is good too btw, I just prefer the portrait) 🙂
    The salmon shot sounds interesting too.


  2. They do both have their merits, but I think the portrait image appeals to me more because of the feeling of depth (height?) it provides. I enjoy taking photos from an ant’s-eye view.

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  3. I do love both. But from a technical view point (and maybe it’s just my screen size, but I’m also thinking of those viewing with phones) – the landscape is all there, on the screen. The portrait… one sort of has to scroll through it and there is (again) something to be said for that too, but sometimes one just wants to feast the eyes on the whole photo 🙂

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  4. Go for the portrait shot. The lengthy leading lines( the 3 l’s) encourage the viewers’ imagination to all sorts of outcomes. Your f stop selection adds to the images impact as does your selected viewpoint. Nicely done all round.

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  5. The vertical shot definitely. They look like something that could be illustrated in a Dr. Seuss book. The contrast of the blue sky is also spectacular. 🙂

    Karen Ann

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