Meeting People

I’ve often commented about people I meet when I’m on the road and today has lived up to expectations.

My bikes always seem to grab someone’s attention and I really like it if they come over to ask some questions, it gives me a chance to practice language skills as well! 

It’s the unexpected things I love best, like this afternoon. I stopped in a small town called Avallon for some fuel and popped into a supermarket for some fruit. This time of year I adore the fresh French apricots, so much nicer than those that they export; clever people the French, keeping the best for themselves! So there I was perusing what was offer when I noticed an elderly French lady sifting through the fruit, but she couldn’t reach the top trays so I offered to help her and bring them nearer as the apricots looked better in those. She thanked me and dived straight in looking at the new fruit, then stopped when she saw what I was doing.

Clearly I was a novice and thus followed a lesson in how to find the best apricots! I’m not going to tell you how, go to Avallon and look for Madame yourself, I’m sure she’ll show you; me, I’m happy with my selection of excellent fruit aided by my new French friend!

Bon soirée!


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