Just a thought that crossed my mind yesterday as we bowled along the Autoroutes.

Am I the only one that thinks that nearly all modern cars are, well to be frank, Pug Ugly?

Now I’m not talking about the top end super cars, no I mean the cars that “ordinary” people drive! All those people carriers, small hatchbacks and family saloons all look pretty much the same as well. I know it’s all about fuel efficiency and making the things slippery through the air, but the “looks” department seems to have been fired!

To be fair France has over the years been responsible for some pretty poor examples as well as some of the best. I may be corrected, probably by Vifferman, but I can’t really remember a good looking Peugeot or Renault. Citroën, however, gave us the wonderfully quirky and much loved 2CV and the all time classic DS. So come on you car designers give us something nice to look at out on those boring Autoroutes!

The Citroën DS. I rest my case!


8 thoughts on “Cars

  1. Totally agree mate. Peugeots were good looking cars up to the 06 model number ie 106, 306 etc.; since then they’ve all been, to put it mildly, ghastly. Renaults are as bland as can be but Citroen are getting their mojo back with the DS range.
    Bon voyage!


  2. 10 MPH bumpers, pedestrian friendly front ends, XX MPG, 23 airbags….they have all changed the shape and size of cars. Most are simply appliances, we’ve safety-ed out the personality and style. On that topic, some of the new Honda motorcycle stuff makes me cry.


  3. Same here in the US. A BMW looks like a Toyota looks like a, well you get it. If I’m going to spend 40K on a car, it damn well better be unique looking! Love the old Citroen. A neighbor of mine had one when I was a kid and it turned heads everywhere. Bikes? The aggressive I wanna be an off road cross continent rider look is in I guess. Yes, most are ugly, some are pretty good looking. But it’s all in the eyes of the beholder (rider), right?


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