Photography 101. Todays assignment: Edge

Today, Cornwall has been blessed with the most beautiful Spring weather. Luckily, I have been outside all day enjoying it, best of all getting paid for the privilege!

Whilst out and about, I have been musing over the concept of “Edge.”

I had a few ideas, but early this afternoon whilst taking in the view, inspiration grabbed me and I captured this shot.

It's Edgy!

It’s Edgy!

I like the way that the barbed wire and the top fence rail define the edge of the field.

Please let me know what you think…

Catch you all soon,


9 thoughts on “Edge

  1. Fences and bridges always mean distance or separation to me. That’s probably why I always take pictures of them

    Great photo!


  2. Great viewpoint and aperture selection ideal for this great image. I like the idea of the slight blur in the foreground and background. Gives a lot more punch to the message. NB, no slang this time round.


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