Double Take

Photography 101. Todays assignment: Double

In the cosy corner of an English pub, is the small room known as “The Snug.”

Here a log fire fills the room with warmth and the homely smokey aroma of burning oak.

Old men gather around the ancient table and play dominoes as they sip their pints of local ale.

How many games has this weathered table witnessed, how many devious blocking moves, how many triumphant calls of “Domino!” have bounced off its warm patina? The men care not, but focus on their game scoring the points with each successive draw.
The game pauses and the tiles rest a moment…

The photographer captures the doubles at rest. It’s a double take!

Double Take!

Double Take!



14 thoughts on “Double Take

  1. I haven’t played dominoes for ages – probably since the kids were wee! In your neck of the woods do they say “Chappin'” if they are stuck or is that just Scottish?


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