Photography 101. Todays assignment: Glass

Half full, or half empty….the glass that is!

It’s been a bit of a fraught day in my world and making time for much creative photography has, I’m afraid gone out of the window.

Yes wine glasses came to mind after my day of grappling with uncooperative machines; then beer glasses!

Then I remembered my friends and neighbours, Alan and Julie. Literally a few minutes walk to their studio and I was transported to a world of mellow blues, vibrant greens and deep warm crimsons. You see, these two incredibly talented artists who live very close to Dookes H.Q. work in glass, beautiful, beautiful, coloured glass.

Julie’s work is best described as Contemporary Mosaic, whilst Alan is a specialist in architectural stained glass and leaded lights.

The quick visit to their studio, apart from causing chaos whilst I generally got in the way, proved a fantastic source of inspiration. I really am very pleased to share with you some examples of their work. Please remember that they are the talented ones, I just took the photographs!

The original pieces were shot exactly where I found them, hanging in the daylight against the studio windows.
So first up, one of Julie’s, can you spot the Green Man?

The Green Man, backlit by the evening sun.

The Green Man, backlit by the evening sun.

And now a couple from Alan. How about an Angel, in traditional Victorian style.
Angel Stained Glass

Angel Stained Glass

This piece is quite iconic and one that Alan is known for, he trades as “Angel Stained Glass.”

Or perhaps you’d prefer some spring flowers?

Bluebells and Primroses.

Bluebells and Primroses.

Oh, yes; please also note that Alan and Julie own the copyright to their work, but if you would like to see more just click here for Alan and here for Julie and thanks to both of them for letting me loose in their studio!

Catch you all soon.


18 thoughts on “Glass

  1. Yeah but the art is still there in deciding the angle, what to shoot, how to frame it, which one to shoot. And the inspiration to find the best source material to shoot in the first place. Alan and Julie’s work is stunning.


  2. Mate, you are most fortunate to have such skilled neighbours. The green man is a ripper( right this time). Your colour management and lighting are 1st. class. By the way, is Dookes HQ far from Bude, I once knew some cyclists( pedal variety) from there.


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