Photography 101. Todays assignment: Treasure

Hmmm, tricky!

Another one that got me really thinking, because my idea of treasure is quite off the wall.

My wife despairs of the collection of random things that I class as “treasure.” Things like pieces of rock from geological sites that I have visited, a sliver of wood from Mametz on the Somme, a pebble from a Cornish beach, a button from an old uniform, a feather from the first pheasant one of my gun dogs retrieved.

It’s all very random and apart from my emotional attachment, frankly worthless, but that’s the essence of it to me, emotional treasure is priceless!

So whilst pondering today’s task I discovered my latest treasure as we did the rounds of our animals this morning. The first goose egg and the first duck egg of the season, magic and something to really treasure!

Left Goose: Right Duck

Left Goose: Right Duck

They make quite a nice side lit photo as well.

Just for scale this is a shot of the goose egg next to a normal size pen, you’ll need big toast soldiers for this one!DSCF3785

I bet my friend Lili could use these in one of her wonderful cakes!

Catch you all soon.


9 thoughts on “Treasure

  1. Straight to the point as usual and great images are the result. The pen certainly illustrates the scale of the egg and the positioning of the two eggs, larger first shows how well your compositions are executed. Ripper cobber.


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