Sometimes You Just Gotta Ride!

There are days when I begin to hanker for being out on two wheels, but in the back of my mind I know that the list of jobs that need attention at Dookes H.Q. over-rides my selfish whims.

Today started just like that and when you consider that I spent most of yesterday watching the incredible climax of this year’s Six Nations Rugby Competition…the chances of getting out on Harley looked remote!

Even worse, the weather was sublime.

Then again, you have to remember that I am married to a rather remarkable lady.

You see, Mrs Dookes has the ability to recognise the “Harley hankering” symptoms and also knows what a pain in the backside I can be when the condition strikes! I spent this morning finishing a small project for the house out in my Man-Cave, the workshop. Whilst I began to ponder “what next” over a cup of tea, Mrs D suggested it was time for me to go for a ride… I told you she is amazing!

It didn’t take long before Harley and I were out on the road.

I didn’t fancy tearing about, better to take your time and enjoy the day in a mellow way. We set off North East and soon crossed over the county boundary into Devon.

For those of you who do not hail from these shores, the County of Devon is one of the most quintessential of all English Counties; the scenery is gentle on the eye, “chocolate box” thatched cottages abound and the roads meander the contours in sweeping curves and bends…just right for a motorbike!

We passed through small villages with delightful names; St Giles on The Heath, Chapmans Well, Clawton.

At Holsworthy we stopped and explored part of the long closed railway, the old viaduct standing silent testament to the thousands of trains that once passed here.

Holsworthy Viaduct

Holsworthy Viaduct

From Holsworthy we turned West and crossed back into Cornwall near the source of the River Tamar, which for most of its course forms the boundary between the two counties.

Soon we had that tantalising first glimpse of the sea, the dark line of horizon where sky meets water. Whenever I experience that view, living in Cornwall it happens a lot, I still get a surge of excitement like a small child on a seaside holiday!

OK, looks like we are going to the seaside again… I really can’t help it!

The evocative poem “Sea Fever” by John Masefield, started running through my mind;

“I must go down to the seas again, to the lonely sea and the sky,
And all I ask is a tall ship and a star to steer her by.”

I love that poem.

We paused at Widemouth Bay; that’s pronounced “Widdmuth.” Standing on the cliff above the bay the spring sunshine, yes we have now passed the Equinox, bathed the scene. Shallow rollers lazily rippled in from the Atlantic, not big enough to surf today, but easy on the soul and uplifting to world-weary eyes.

Low Tide at Widemouth Bay

Low Tide at Widemouth Bay

Heading for home, I mused that last time I rode Harley I was returning from scattering a friend’s ashes, today was altogether brighter and much more cheerful. The sentries of bright yellow daffodils that line the lanes here at this time of year certainly contributed to the cheerful mood.

Arriving back at Dookes HQ, I shared the last of Lili’s wonderful Bikers Cake with Mrs D; then set to giving the grass its first cut of the year.

Yes, sometimes you just gotta ride!

“Oh, I’m a travelin’ man”

Catch you all soon.


Todays ride is dedicated to David.

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