Warmth & The Quality of Light

Photography 101. Todays assignment: Warmth and The Quality of Light

I’m beginning to believe that Cheri and the WordPress.com team are looking at my local weather forecast before sending out the daily curved-ball! Today we were tasked with capturing an image of warmth, using the sun as the light source. Oh yeah? Welcome to Cornwall and the view out of my office window!!

It's Cornish Sunshine!

It’s Cornish Sunshine!

Mindful that the rain and mist was set in for the day and not wanting to fall back on my photo archive, I did a bit of lateral thinking.

The answer lay at home in the form of the log fire, so draw up a chair and get warm!

Warm enough?

Warm enough?

Well, I might have bent the rules a bit, but sometimes you have to realise when you are beaten!

“Come on baby, light my fire.”


14 thoughts on “Warmth & The Quality of Light

  1. Hi fellow Celtic biker. I have been looking at mametz wood on the internet. We are going here in may on the bike. And a looked at your contribution to the site. Have you any tips on restaurants or cafés in that area ? We are having two days in France. Then popping over to ypes for two.



    Ps off to Cardiff tomorrow to see the boys !!

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    • Hello Graham, good to hear from you.
      The two towns at either side of the Somme battlefield, Albert and Bapaume, are both typical French towns with a fair few cafés and restos. Albert is probably the best…it also has a McDo’s (Gasp!) but that can be useful for free WiFi! 🙂 Brilliant French B&B in Gueudecourt, I can let you have details if you want. There is so much to see in the Somme, but fortunately they are well prepared for visitors, things are well signed and people happy to give directions and advice. Thiepval is very moving, as are the very many cemeteries. Mametz Wood takes a bit of getting to, not exactly off road stuff, but pretty near! If i can get a Harley there, anyone can get there and once you do it’s very spiritual and to a Welshman very special.
      Enjoy the game on saturday, I couldn’t get a ticket!
      Hwyl fawr! Dookes.


  2. Pps. Live in llangollen and we have a thriving steam railway here.

    Once again

    Kindest regards


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  3. Toastie pic – it’s raining here today too (although it was glorious and in the 60s yesterday – it’s odd how we still have banks of snow but it’s so hot!) I only have a gas fire but have a fire-pit in the woods so know how lovely and what a great smell burning logs is 🙂


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