Natural World & Leading Lines

Photography 101. Todays assignment: Natural World and Leading Lines

Hello everyone.

It’s been a bit of a grey, misty and wet old day here in Cornwall and with an assignment to look at and take photographs of the Natural World. . . well lets just say it’s been tricky!

Like yesterday, I’ve been teaching children about food and farming again. Fortunately for my voice the event is now over, but it has kept me caught up and not able to rove too much. That’s not really been a problem though, as it’s made me open my eyes to what is available.

In the boundary of the Showground I found a small wood of pine trees, fortunately not too wet and misty either!

The nice thing about trees is that they are so fantastically three-dimensional, look up, look down, look all around and there is something to shoot!

Pointing to the sky.

Pointing to the sky.


Texture, lichen and lines in the bark.

Even underfoot there are things to photograph and marvel, including the beautiful Primrose, Primula vulgaris, one of my favourite wild flowers.
Primula vulgaris.

Primula vulgaris.

Keep it all natural and I’ll catch you soon!


5 thoughts on “Natural World & Leading Lines

  1. The straight tree trunk and the verticals in the bark are great leading lines taking the eye upwards. Often difficult to find, you have exceeded expectations having regard to your weather and time. Ripper mate.


  2. I used to love walking my dog in the woods back home – especially round about bluebell time (and the smell of the wild garlic) Lovely images making me nostalgic Dookes.


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