“Big”… or Did You Say…?

Photography 101. Todays assignment: Big.

There I was munching on my breakfast this morning, when up pops todays assignment email.

“Lets go big,” extols Cheri from the WordPress.com Team and there in the middle of the email is a wonderful picture of the pyramids at Giza!.

Now how on earth is a geezer, Giza/Geezer, like me expected to match up to that?!?!?

Oh boy indigestion was coming on worrying this one through.

Today I have been helping out at a Countryside and Farm Education Event; teaching literally hundreds of seven to ten-year olds all about where their food comes from. Good fun, if a tad tiring. Then walking around I had an idea, cos those tractors are BIG!

Putting the camera on the ground, I got this shot.

It's certainly Big!

It’s certainly Big!

Or did you say…



Only kidding!!

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