Photo101: Big

It’s been another wonderful day in paradise, or more correctly the byways and highways of Cornwall and South West England.

As I took in the air and let Mr Harley and Mr Davidson’s wonderful machinery do the hard work I got to think about today’s assignment. Well, I wasn’t thinking too much about it when I was riding, because letting the old mind wander is a sure-fire way of getting yourself hurt on a motorbike!

We took a trundle around Bodmin Moor before turning North West and along the Atlantic Highway for about 50 miles and hanging a sharp left near Clovelly. Then we headed to the beautiful Hartland Point on the most spectacular part of the North Devon Coast. The country lanes here become decidedly rural and after the long wet winter were in shocking condition, so bad that at times our progress was down to walking pace as we negotiated potholes, mud, loose gravel, stones and oh yes as this is early spring the farmers are out spreading manure. . . and dropping loads of it on the roads too! Joy!

Anyway, it was when we parked up at Hartland I reflected that nearly half a tonne of motorbike qualified as “Big” particularly when you are working hard to keep it the right way up on crappy roads! So here is my “Big” shot.

She's My Big Baby!

She’s My Big Baby!

Don’t look at the filthy state of that front tyre after those dirty roads; no ‘chicken strips’ here today!

Oh yes, Hartland Point is a 325 ft high rocky outcrop on the North-West tip of the Devon coast. The point marks the Western end of the Bristol Channel where it meets the Atlantic Ocean; if you like, it’s where the Atlantic begins! The Hartland Point Lighthouse was built in 1874. It’s tower is 59ft tall with the lamp being 121ft above mean sea level and today is listed as an historic structure. The light can be seen up to 25 miles away from the coast and was automated in 1984, prior to this the lighthouse was maintained by four keepers.

Heartland Point and Lighthouse.

Hartland Point and Lighthouse.

I supposed that’s all a bit “Big” as well!

“Did ya like that?”


“Big”… or Did You Say…?

Photography 101. Todays assignment: Big.

There I was munching on my breakfast this morning, when up pops todays assignment email.

“Lets go big,” extols Cheri from the Team and there in the middle of the email is a wonderful picture of the pyramids at Giza!.

Now how on earth is a geezer, Giza/Geezer, like me expected to match up to that?!?!?

Oh boy indigestion was coming on worrying this one through.

Today I have been helping out at a Countryside and Farm Education Event; teaching literally hundreds of seven to ten-year olds all about where their food comes from. Good fun, if a tad tiring. Then walking around I had an idea, cos those tractors are BIG!

Putting the camera on the ground, I got this shot.

It's certainly Big!

It’s certainly Big!

Or did you say…



Only kidding!!