Photography 101. Todays assignment: Solitude – And The Rule of Thirds.

Hmmm. Tricky this one. I spent all morning thinking about solitary trees.

Then maybe a single apple on a plate, but that would have been a bit desperate!

Time for a ride on Harley, that normally gets the old mind back in working order! The light was fantastic, just perfect for taking colour photographs

We trundled around the North East side of Bodmin Moor and then ended up on the old World War Two airbase, Royal Air Force Davidstow Moor.

This is a very special place. It nestles high up in an ethereal corner of Cornwall; though when the mists roll in it can feel cold and sinister, time to leave it and it’s spirits alone.

The silent runways still lie largely intact, as are the ruins of air-raid shelters. Not much else remains, except for the gaunt, block-like, decaying hulk of the old Control Tower which remains as witness to the events of the past.

The Tower seems to stand vigil in sad solitude; waiting to welcome home the ghosts of aircrew who never returned.P1030151There is a tangible presence around the place which is hard to define, it pulls me back frequently, but I can never stay for long…

Per Ardua ad Astra.


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