Photography 101. Today’s assignment; Bliss.

OK, so you all thought that I’d post a picture of my beloved Harley, didn’t you?

Well, to be honest the thought did cross my mind… but actually the bliss part comes from riding and it’s quite hard to capture the essence of that feeling in a photograph.

So I did a little thinking and as I was walking the dogs this morning at Dookes H.Q., it came to me.

The sun was up and slowly warming the day, encouraging more daffodils to open.

The sky vibrant blue and a gentle breeze tickled the catkins on our Purple Hazel trees.

Corylus Maxima Purpurea: Purple Leaved Hazel

Corylus Maxima Purpurea: Purple Leaved Hazel

For a few seconds I let the world stand still.

It was sublime, proof that the seasons had moved on and warmer days were coming; a moment of bliss!

I hope you agree.


12 thoughts on “Bliss

  1. I totally agree with you – bliss is more of a feeling, a moment, something that happens, rather than a thing. I’m really not sure what to post today for the theme. How can you post something like an extra half-hour in bed?
    As it is your photograph, along with your description is a very good take on bliss.
    I get it 🙂


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