Todays Photo 101 assignment needed a little bit of thought.

Yes, sure I could raid my library of previous photographs for suitable Water based shots, I am sure that I have loads that would fit the bill, however I made up my mind to take photos specifically for the course so hence the thinking!

I could have popped over to the nearest beach, we only live a few miles from the sea.
I could have found a stream or local river.
I could have taken a picture of puddle, but just for a change it’s not raining!

Instead I fooled around with a hosepipe for a few minutes and this is the result, I gotta say I’m rather pleased!P1030107

Gotta dash, all that water has left me needing to go to the little room!


23 thoughts on “Water

  1. Very cool artistic shots Dookes 🙂
    I’m hoping to mess about with water later on today after I finish working…. ahem, of course I mean take artistic photographs with water!
    That is assuming Dawg doesn’t try to ‘help’ me :-/


  2. Thought about doing something similar with the sprinkler, but ended up near a pond this a.m. so took a shot there. What settings did you use to freeze the water?


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