The Street

Blogging University: Photo 101. Today’s assignment, The Street. 

Well, it may be a bit different and as not all roads lead to Rome, not all streets are the same! 

This was taken on my way to the office this morning. 

As you can see traffic on Bodmin Moor was quite heavy, what a tailback!

Catch you all later.


17 thoughts on “The Street

  1. If I had to drive this every morning to get to my office I’d be late every day! It’s just gorgeous Dookes. I can see now the appeal of Harley and sunshine riding roads like this!


  2. Ha! Loved this Dookes.
    On a totally unrelated topic, a rider I know wants to bike across India (from Delhi to Kanyakumari-the very tip of the country) I was wondering if you could direct me to a rider who you know has done this before or sites which have resources that can help finalise the itinerary. The more offbeat/special the better. Thank you so much.


  3. G’day Dookes, what a ripper.
    I reckon the Harley enjoys this run almost as much as the rider. Good to see another Harley rider negotiating a mob of sheep. We can add kangaroos, emus and wombats to the mix, specially at dawn and dusk. Luckily not many emus around my town. Liked the image too, nice shot.


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