I Wanna Live The way I Like!

This is really bad, it’s nearly a month since my last post on the Blog!

I am really sorry to all you good people for being so tardy at keeping in touch, lets just say that life sometimes gets in the way of a good ride….but not often!

Harley and I are well and getting ourselves organised for our next road trip and as you can guess we need a fair bit of practice out on the road together, it makes sense really! Last Saturday the sun came out just after lunch and it would have been remiss not to take advantage and do some head clearing! We headed West to begin, as I have said before I just love riding across Bodmin Moor, especially when the sun is out! Harley and I then hung a sharp left and swung towards the South East corner of Cornwall. Traffic was reasonable for the last weekend of school half term. We ended up at St Germans Quay on the estuary of the River Tiddy. Unfortunately the tide was out, so it’s more the Muddy than the Tiddy, but the view of the railway viaduct was pretty cool, you guys know that I love big bridges! In a previous career I once walked across that, honest!20140531_155842 …and looking downstream. 20140531_155941Anyway, back to the biking… The next trip starts on Sunday 15th June, so please put that in the old diary! We are going to take the ferry down to Spain; try to find Andorra cos it’s kinda small; then to the Camargue; Alps; Italy; Burgundy….you get the idea! I have promised to lighten up on the Blog this time, Big John thought the last trip got a bit “heavy”. Well, yes it did, but then it was a pretty emotional experience, but your support was great and I do appreciate that! So I will get back to the irreverent humour that I am notorious for!

Harley is going to need a new back tyre before we go away, that’s next weekend’s job, got 8000 miles out of the old one! With a new tyre comes the need to scrub it in with a few miles before going nuts with it. Oh hell, just gonna have to get out and ride again…life can be a real sod sometimes!

It’s TT week over on the Isle Of Man, lets hear it for Guy Martin on the Tyco Suzuki, crazy dude, but he deserves to win it! Sparky Paul and a few mates have gone over there camping, which means it will probably rain again! Thinking of you fellas.

Thinking of someone else, it’s a big “Get Well Soon” to Wilko Johnson, ace guitarist of amongst other bands Dr Feelgood, who has just got out of hospital after major pancreatic cancer surgery. Here’s hoping that you’re doing OK Wilko! …and for the rest of you, grab a listen to his album “Going Back Home” with Roger Daltrey, magic stuff! IMG_0336Catch you all soon.

‘I wanna live the way I like, sleep all the morning, goin’ to get my fun at night!’


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