TT Tragedies

Yesterday I mentioned the famous Isle of Man TT races in my Blog post. These classic and historic races are run on closed public roads around the island, giving a circuit lap length of just over 37 miles. Average lap speeds usually exceed 125 mph, most races are three laps long and are run as road time trials. Generally there are no crash barriers, save for a few strategically placed straw bales, the drystone walls and banks lining the roads are particularly unforgiving to mistakes. The island is a magnet for racers and spectators each June when the world famous event is staged. Over the years the course has claimed the lives of many aspiring and established racers

Shortly after publishing I found out the sad news that Bob Price had died in an accident during Monday’s Supersport race.

Today the motorcycling world is again stunned as another star talent, Karl Harris, was killed in a high speed crash on the Isle of Man during the Superstock race.

My thoughts and those of the motorcycling community go out to their families. That they both died doing what they loved seems hollow consolation. Those of us that choose to ride motorcycles all know the risks, it is an inherently dangerous pastime but we measure that against the enjoyment riding gives us and the feeling of freedom we get out on the road. Nonetheless tragedies do occur, two bikers also died in North Wales on a pleasure ride only last weekend.

Bob and Karl, may you ride free, maybe one day we will all ride out together again.



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