Maybe Holiday

Sometimes I get the urge to write, but then sitting looking at the empty screen with the cursor dumbly blinking at me my mind goes blank. What was it I was so desperate to say? Perhaps I just needed that interface with the means of broadcasting my thoughts? I dunno, often that’s the moment to say, “Screw it, lets ride!” Riding is sure a good way of getting the old head back together, you have to immerse yourself totally in what you are doing or you end up in the ditch!

This has been a holiday weekend in the UK, people everywhere heading for the D.I.Y. stores or the beach, still a bit cold for me on the beach for me at this time of year! Loads to do in the garden though. Saturday morning saw a quick clamber underneath the Dookes-Mobile car, to change the rear shocks. The left side had started leaking and its good practice to replace the pair, not a tough job, an hour and a half tops, I’d rather pay someone else to work on cars, but as this is a holiday weekend I had to do it myself, shot shocks are dangerous. I don’t exactly detest the work, but I can think of a million other things I’d rather do! Unfortunately the endless grass cutting that followed was not exactly high on that list either! I know I go on about the bloody green stuff of which we have nearly an acre, used to have more before I planted hundreds of trees, and yes I know how lucky we are to have the space…so I’ll shut up being disingenuous and enjoy the view when its all cut!

Number one favourite other thing to do being…yeah you know! On Sunday, Harley and I hit the road!

Not a mega ride, just a bit of head time on a glorious loop around Cornwall. For a Holiday Sunday the traffic was very light. Not too many Sports Bike People in their colour coordinated leathers and boots as well! Bodmin Moor looking good as always, I love that place which is just as well cos we live there!DSCF3378

Harley and I did about a hundred miles, like I said not the biggest ride ever, but you know sometimes it’s not about quantity, it’s quality that matters! My Harley sure delivers that in bucket loads.

Unusually for a holiday weekend the weather has stayed good. Today, Monday, I have promised not to bugger off again on two wheels; not to cut more grass and not to disappear into either the Man-Cave or Man-Lab….what the hell am I going to do?IMG_0348

Anyway, thinking ahead, I plan to be off on another adventure in mid June. This time taking in Spain, Andorra, The Camargue, Italian and French Alps…. you get the drift! Before that another family pilgrimage in connection with D-Day. Stick with me, this is just gonna get more interesting…again!

“I was born in a cross-fire hurricane….”





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