Lookin’ Out of the Window

Well, here we are at the start of another adventure and guess what? It’s raining! Actually not really rain, nor really mist; round these parts they call it ‘mizzle’. What it means is that you get a double helping, first you get soaked, then you get to feel really miserable…..especially if you then have to get on a motorbike and ride to the port to catch a ferry! My fault though, I washed Harley yesterday.

This is what it looks like from the window of Dookes H.Q., excuse the quality but you will get the idea….


So am I feeling excited, well no. Actually I hate this time just before setting out. Harley is all ready and packed, everything has been checked, double checked and checked again. I just need to get changed into my riding gear and go, but not yet… Once the engine is running and I shut down the visor on my helmet, pull in the clutch and then let it out in first gear I’ll be OK, in my own space in the zone and OK; but now, I’m crawling up the wall.
I know that I have a wandering gene, that pulls me out onto the road and as the song says, “looking for adventure and whatever comes my way,” but it’s also a wrench just to get started sometimes and leave behind that that I hold most dear…but if I don’t go and chill, I can be a real life pain in the ass.
So it’s better to ride, let off steam, explore and hopefully come back better than when I left, if you get my drift….

V power, you know it makes sense; catch you all later!


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