Goldfinger: The Start

OK, so James Bond 007 is a secret agent, but this mission isn’t, so it’s time to share the first part of the route briefing, pay attention all you ’00’ agents.

The film is initially true to Ian Fleming’s book, with Bond following super-villain Auric Goldfinger across France to Switzerland. Both Bond and Goldfinger’s cars are transported to France via air ferry from Kent, but as these days the air-link is long gone and as I live in Cornwall, we are going to have to bend the rules a bit, anyway I end up driving more miles than Bond as a result! So first up, it’s the ferry from Plymouth to Roscoff in Brittany.

Bond, in his Aston Martin DB4, follows Goldfinger across northern France to an overnight stop in Orléans;Bond Aston

“Bond had never cared for Orléans. I was a priest and myth ridden town without charm or gaiety.” Good enough advice! Harley and I will stay in my regular billet near Chinon and pick up the trail near Nevers.

From there the antagonists head south on the N7, before picking up the N79 to Macon. In the book, it is here that Bond runs into Tilly Masterson, literally! In the film we will see it is a fair bit different.gf_goldfinger_fleming_map_france_02-01a_900

Bond traversed Bourg en Bresse and passed through Pont-d’Ain then picked up the N84, which is now the D1084; we will cut the corner on the D979 and link into the old ’84 near Nantua. I’m going to take a check then how I feel about things. In the  book, Bond goes into Geneva and finds Goldfinger’s lair at Coppet on Lake Geneva; the film is different…so ride along and find out!

Catch you down the road…

Under your feet the grass is growin’!


4 thoughts on “Goldfinger: The Start

    • In the book, which was first published in 1959, it’s a DB4; but yes, both the film and the Corgi toy used a 5, cos that was the latest model in 1964. The photo is a publicity still from the 1964 film


      • Indeed it is, and I have each and every one on DVD! Could also be from the 2012 film Skyfall, apart from the scenery…


      • Thanks Vifferman. The still was taken during filming for Goldfinger, the location is on Swiss Highway 19 between Realp and Andermatt. Let’s see if I can find it for you!


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