The Height of T.Rextasy

Getting near the next trip now and rushing round sorting all kinds of loose ends, more details of route to follow in the next couple of days, stand by.

Brilliant night out in Tavistock yesterday, went to see T.Rex tribute band T.Rextasy.


I know that tribute bands are not to everybody’s taste, but these guys are good, very, very good!

Not only does the lead singer, Danielz, look and sound spookily like the late and lamented Marc Bolan, but the band are a really tight outfit and every bit as good as the original T.Rex outfit…! In addition, these days the place is not filled with screaming teenage girls, like it was in the ’70’s, so you can actually hear the music! They played a full set of all the classic hits, plus some album tracks and b sides, pure glam rock, magic!800x600.fitdownThere are quite a few YouTube vids of them, go check the band out Click Here cos you’ll like them. Better still if you see ’em playing near you, go along to a gig, you’ll love it! IMG_0188…and remember; Keep a little Marc in your heart!


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