On Board

Sorry about the uninspired title of this report, but it sort of sums it up; I’m on board MV Pont Aven, the ferry to France and hopefully adventure!

Regular blog followers will know that I really like this ship, even if tonight it’s almost overrun with French school children.

The ride to Plymouth was, predictably, wet; with the added joy of three miles…yes three bladdy miles of spilt diesel oil on the already slippery road! Was there any signs to warn of it, no of course not, this is the UK! When I got into my cabin I found that my leathers stink of diesel oil as well! I’m not happy….!
Well actually I am, cos Harley and I have got going and as I write this the ship’s engines are revving and it looks like we are about to sail, so enough of the moaning Dookes and let’s get sorted for dinner!
I don’t think you need a picture of a grey sky and even more dreary sea, so how about this beauty that I caught the other week at the Royal Cornwall Show?

20130620-204910.jpgShe’s a Foster Showmans locomotive called “The Leader”, nice eh?

Catch ya tomorrow, all down the line.

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