110 Not Out

Next year Harley Davidson is celebrating it’s 110th Anniversary and will be producing a bunch of “Special” bikes for customers to shell out their hard earned cash at “special” prices!!  Anyway, I received an invite to visit the Plymouth Dealership a couple of weekends ago to preview the new models.  Now as I own a 100th Anniversary Model I’m afraid I couldn’t resist, as a 110 model would make a great stable mate for my existing treasured two wheeled friend…..!!!

I’ve gotta say I was massively disappointed. True, there were some 2013 bikes on show, however all were Sportsters. There was one very nice extremely limited edition (only 200 worldwide), but no big twins and no tourers either!

All was not lost though, as a very good sausage sandwich, brown sauce of course, was enjoyed and a limited edition freebie HD 110 badge was received. Good to see Bodmin Chris as well and allow Service Boss Kirk to prise cash out of my wallet for a few small spares. Oh yes, I did ride Harley there as well!

II guess you could pin this one on me!!!!Image

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