Plugging On!

Hello again everybody!

More apologies for the lack of posts, I’ve been very busy dealing with the aftermath of the grain harvest…but there is now light at the end of the tunnel! You all know how much I hate riding in tunnels as well!!!

I haven’t had any time for any pleasure rides during the last couple of months and have had to be content with commuting on Harley when I could. There has been something bothering me though…

Just before I went to France in June as part of the service I changed Harley’s spark plugs, put in a par of Harley Davison (Made by Champion) Golds. She ran fine but, well, something wasn’t quite the same, there was a slight “crispness” missing. I’ve been trying to put my finger on it since I got back; checked everything and in the end decided to try changing the plugs back. Bingo! That was it, I really could not believe what a difference it made.

So off to The Green Spark Plug Company for a brand spank me new pair of NGK Iridiums to suit Harley. Within 48 hours the plugs had arrived and were fitted. Result, a crisper ignition, better fuel consumption and sharper on the go-grip when required, excellent! For the technically curious the plugs are NGK DCPR7EIX.  So what’s the difference? Well, the Iridium plug has a thinner centre electrode giving a stronger spark and better combustion, additionally, cos iridium is harder than other electrode metals it is not so prone to spark erosion and lasts longer, certainly the old plugs pre the H-D Golds were still within tolerance after 15,000 miles. Which means that even if they are a bit more expensive to buy, they are still good value and that’s ok by me!

Also I can’t praise The Green Spark Plug Company enough for their assistance and customer service, usual disclaimer, their web site is worth a look, and their prices are very good as well;

New NGK Iridium at the front, nearly new H-D Gold at the back.

Now prior to this, I would have said a spark plug is a spark plug…I’ve changed my mind now. The right choice for your bike, car or lawnmower can make a huge difference. I can almost hear Vifferman saying told you so!

Oh, nearly forgot…the weather was superb yesterday, lovely early autumn sunshine that almost caressed you with it’s softness, so I treated myself to a blast up the ’30 to Okehampton and a more leisurely trundle back to Cornwall on the ‘Old Road’, also known as the West Devon Drive. Just what I needed!

Today the weather is *issing down, so seems good to read the Sunday papers by the log fire whilst the roast cooks, the red wine breathes and Jethro Tull plays on…I might even have a little snooze later!!!

Chasing Shadows on the Run. Ride On!


3 thoughts on “Plugging On!

  1. Now you know I’m not one for ‘told you so’ but I will say that I have those plugs in the VFR and they are pretty good. Bloody clever those Japanese!


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