Bladdy Weather!

Hello again folks!

Sorry about the delay in posting anything new, but to be honest there’s not much to report.
Except that Mr & Mrs Dookes became Great Aunt and Uncle again recently to two arrivals for nieces and nephews! Big congrats to Kerenza and Richard for little Bella; and also Caroline and Shane for little Tristan, love to you all.

Like pretty much the rest of the country, the weather here in Cornwall has been…..well, not very good, unless you are a duck, or sell umbrellas for a living! No weather at all for much in the way of ride-outs, so Harley and I have had to be content with the odd commute.

For those of us that ply our trade in the agricultural sector the weather is nothing short of a disaster. The dry spell in March and April screwed the winter crops at the flowering stage and as we all know it’s never stopped raining since = poor yields, even poorer quality and worse of all a shortage of malting barley for beer! C’est très mal! As my French friends say.

At the grain store my team are plugging away trying to make some kind of sense of the awful stuff that the farmers are throwing at us, talk about silk purses and pigs ears! It never ceases to amuse me how many of the growers moan like hell at the charges that their products incur as we try by working long noisy hours to turn it into saleable grain…Mind you it does get a little hard to feel great sympathy when the biggest moaners then drive off in a Range Rover Sport! There are however, some really hard working farmers out there, some of whom I count as friends, who’s hard work is being reduced to unsaleable mush and who deserve respect cos they just take it on the chin and get on with life! Hang in there Martin, John and Anglian Andrew, you guys are OK!

Anyway enough of the soap box, here is Harley hiding from the Cornish Sunshine at lunchtime today…it wasn’t raining when I rode to the store this morning!


The ride home was actually OK, holiday traffic jams all gone and no rain either!
Good news at Dookes Towers this evening; Mrs Dookes has cooked a full blown Indian meal, excellent! Sorry no menu details, but even the onion bhajees were homemade and the curry was HOT!


Want something throbbing between you legs?
Ride a V twin!


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