Black Top to Grease Top!

OK, I spoke too soon….the weather was great for a week, now it’s Standard British Summer, you know, cr*p!

Still, Harley and I got out for a ride on Saturday before the rain set in, I even had time to cut the grass at Dookes H.Q. when we got back…and that takes over an hour!

Did you watch the Olympics on Saturday night? Three athletics Golds in under an hour! Brilliant!

I spent last Sunday driving a miniature steam train at a local visitor attraction here in Cornwall that is owned by a good friend of mine. Unfortunately the day was largely spent diving in and out of heavy showers, part of the line was a little flooded but it didn’t stop us having fun!


This is the little engine, between the rain. For those of you who want the technical details, it’s a 0-6-0 Romulus design in 7 1/4 inch gauge, coal fired and three years old. The track is a mile long circuit that takes about six minutes to go round. It’s at a place called Hidden Valley Adventure Park, click here for the link. It’s a great place for family’s to visit, a bit random and quirky, but good fun for everyone.

Grease top? A type of hat worn by steam locomotive crews.

I’m a cowboy, on a steel horse I ride!


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