It’s Autumn!

Thank goodness that bloody awful summer is behind us! Amazing though, as the days get shorter and the temperature starts to drop, we actually get some really nice days to get out and ride.  So last Saturday Harley and I got out and enjoyed life for a few hours.

Just two minutes from Dookes H.Q. I had to stop and grab these pics, what a great place we live in!

On the edge of Bodmin Moor.

I rode from home over to Saltash then followed the A38 back West. Remember how I liked that Mirage Jet on a pole in France last June?  Well this is our own local version!

 It’s an English Electric Lightning, one hot bird, as supersonic as you like. Twin Rolls Royce Avons with reheat, could go to over 80,000ft altitude and out run Concorde for a laugh! Once upon a time a young Dookes dreamed of flying them, until he sat in one and realised that his legs were too long, bang out and leave your knees behind, no thanks, I’ll go heavies instead! Then I got grounded anyway, but that’s another story.  This Cold War warrior is the mascot of Castle Motors/Air Services of Liskeard; as I was passing I grabbed a photo for you folks to see. Neat eh?

Well, after a really nice ride I had to get back to H.Q. and do domestic type jobs, but hey we had a nice sunset!

Off to France on Thursday, not on bike this time…got to give Mrs Dookes some attention!

Ride into the Sunset!


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