Some Statistics

I promised some stats. for those of you with either an enquiring mind, or nothing better to do!

OK, so as I said in an earlier post, we went quite a long way in only a few days, 2160 miles to be precise.

We used 212.27 litres of petrol/gasoline, mainly 98RON.

This gives an average consumption of 10.18miles/litre or if you like, 45.79 miles/imp.gallon.

Harley has a 1450cc engine and a five speed gearbox.

Now for the WOW statistic!

In the mountains we climbed a staggering 10,466metres, or 34,337feet, vertical height. Mount Everest is 8,848metres, 29,029feet.

Not bad points to ponder.

The Heart of the Matter!

2 thoughts on “Some Statistics

  1. Hey old chap, that’s a pretty impressive mpg. Maybe carbs and enormous pistons ain’t so bad after all! I take it 98 RON is what we call ‘super unleaded’? Do you notice much performance benefit if so?


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