The Italian Job, Job Done …………… Hang on Lads, I’ve Got A Great Idea!

Back at home now and a wonderful British summer day, grey cold windy!

Wow, what a trip!

Total mileage was 2160, from leaving my workshop door and driving back in again, pas mal, as my French friends say.

Three things I will calculate in the next few days are the amount of fuel used and therefore, miles per litre and the other thing will be total height climbed in our mountain adventures.

I’ve not had time to reflect much on the trip yet, but I can say that it’s been great, loads of fun, met interesting and nice people and seen some incredible sights.

Highs? Obviously the Alps and the Cols, particularly Izoard and Galibier, surviving/conquering Iseran in the storm.

Lows? Well only one really….that awful morning after leaving Chinon, but we soon dried out!

I suppose that I’ve finally got that 43 year need to find The Italian Job out of my system, it’s all still there, like the rest of us a little older, but definitely still there. I’ll only need to see that film intro anytime to be back in those mountains and experiencing it all for myself again.

I have to say a few thank you’s now cos I can’t just go off on trips like this without support from those closest to me.

First off a huge thank you to Mrs Dookes, without who’s support, encouragement and capability in running Dookes H.Q. whilst I’m on the road, I could not go off and chase these outrageous adventures; Je t’aime beaucoup ma chérie, merci bien pour votre soutien et amour!

To the late Peter Collinson, Director of the 1969 film, whose creative genius inspired a young lad back in 1969 to go find what he had seen on the big screen…I’m sorry that it took me so long to do it Peter, but thanks, it was worth it!

To my friends who have followed me on my travels via this Blog, it’s been great to get your comments and emails, thank you, it means that I am never alone and I hope you have enjoyed this as well. Comments to improve will be gratefully received, honestly!

Finally, my wonderful traveling companion my Harley Softail. When she was built in York Pensilvania back in 2003, they made a special one that day. She never missed a beat come torrential rain, lightning, altitude or temperatures into the thirties. She may not be as fast as a sports bike, she may need half a mile to stop, corners like the Queen Mary and blazes is she heavy, but she’s mine and like in any love match you kinda get blind to the faults! Where will we go next?

Hmmm….Hang on lads, I’ve got a great idea!!!!


Ride on you crazy diamond!


PS The blog will live on…stay tuned!

PPS Apologies to Pink Floyd for the paraphrase!

6 thoughts on “The Italian Job, Job Done …………… Hang on Lads, I’ve Got A Great Idea!

  1. good to see you back safe, bet you cant wait to get back to work.. coming with you next time.. could you keep up with the honda though


  2. ive really enjoyed catching up with you on this journey and loved seeing all the pics they have been great,glad you are back safe and sound with mrs dookes,she can now have a rest!!!see you soon.


  3. Great blogging Uncle Dookes! Looks like you had a great time. Unfortunately closest I’ll get to two wheels is going round a corner too fast in my rollerskate.
    Catch up soon!


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