Sailing (Again)

So here we are back on board a ship, this time the MV Armorique….which I have to say is not my favourite.


She was built in Finland at a cost of £81 million, specifically for the Plymouth – Roscoff route, and entered service in 2009. Comparing her to the MV Pont Aven is like comparing a paint by number set to a Rembrandt. True she is ultra modern, but…the toilets permanently smell, the decor is tacky, the food options limited, the outside decks are constantly swathed in the exhaust fumes and worst of all has a very strange corkscrew sea motion! By the way, I don’t really like her much!

Still, we got on board pretty quick and have grabbed a bite to eat, which I took back to my cabin to eat in peace…the ship is quite busy with a number of school parties. So now I’m going to get some shut eye before we get back to Plymouth.

Leaving Roscoff we passed the Pont Aven coming into port, altogether a much nicer ship, I grabbed this shot as we passed.


….and so looking back we say au revoir to La France, we will return!



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