Independence Day

Every year the Plymouth U.K. Chapter of the Harley Owners Group, HoG, holds a ride out on the Sunday nearest to American Independence Day, 4th July.

Turnout has been good for the last few years, but unfortunately this year it was a tad disappointing. Despite a bright morning yesterday, only eleven bikes set out from Plymouth Harley Davidson dealership for a trundle out onto Dartmoor, there were over thirty last year. Equally unfortunate, by the time we got to Tavistock I had to peel off and head for home. Still I did have a nice blast down the West Devon Ride through Lewdown back into Cornwall.

Last Years Independence Day Ride, lunchtime.

I have to say, that whilst I love the spectacle of a large group of Harleys riding together not to mention the sheer gut wobbling noise, I’m not really a great fan of organised group ride-outs. I guess it’s because I do so many miles solo and the organised ride is almost the antithesis of the essence of two wheel freedom! They are by their nature, normally quite slow and can get fairly hairy when car drivers try to force their way into the staggered line of bikes. I try to support a couple each season, the Independence Day one being the important one before my summer gets wrecked, under the weight of the whims and demands of arable farmers!

Ride On!


Taking Over Padstow, July 2011.

2 thoughts on “Independence Day

  1. We were in Padstow a couple of weeks ago and it was much quieter then it would have been when the chapter was passing through…RIAT last week, noise level about the same though?
    Took the Viffer to Lifton on Tuesday. It is now a nice even light brown colour…


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