Vals de Durance et D’Ubaye

Puis je continuer?

Gap was like riding through a grill that was set on high and had been for days. The air was so hot that it was more comfortable to keep the helmet visor closed. That said, the town looked really smart, nice and tidy a good mix of old a new, which the French sometimes get very wrong, but here very right, I must go back and explore one day.

Back to the riding, I was praying for things to cool as we climbed, wrong, very wrong, but hey I found another fantastic road. Leaving Gap the D900B was super, on joining the Val de Durance it got a million times better. The road crosses one of two dams near Espinasses that form the Lac de Serre-Ponçon, it then begins to climb and follows the Val D’Ubaye. Go do it, it’s fab and if you don’t ride a motorbike go learn and ride this road! The road climbs and winds up the side of the valley, sometimes against rock, sometimes alpine fields and the views are stunning. You can set a good pace without wringing either yourself, or the machine into a shaking wreck. You sports bike folk would do it a sight quicker than my battleship and I, mais je suis contente! And that’s all you can ask really!

Cop these pics.
Lac de Serre-Ponçon from the lower dam.


And looking back, eight miles further on.


Took fuel again, this time in Barcelonnette…Harley and I had a big job to do next!

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