The Route De Napoléon

Good evening everybody.

Well now here’s a surprise, a hotel which advertises WiFi and the thing actually works! So watch out and prepare for a couple of updates to this developing blog thingy!

Right then, Tournon was hot, very hot, but it just got hotter, Harley and I headed east towards Grenoble. I made up my mind that Autoroutes were out of the question today and boy was I pleased with that decision. The road out of the Rhône valley passed through mile after mile of fruit orchards, cherry, peach, apricot and plums you have never seen so many and lots for sale on roadside stalls. I stopped and bought some apricots, beautify ripe and juicy, six for a Euro, not bad at all!

Further down the road there were walnut trees…miles of them, even more than the fruit, all that was missing was the chocolate! Ok, so you have apple orchards, olive groves…what about walnut trees?

A cracker? I dunno!

After a really nice ride, we arrived on the outskirts of Grenoble, oh dear…keep driving, to be fair I didn’t venture into the city centre, but the outskirts put me off the rest. Grabbed fuel and picked up the N85 Le Route De Napoléon towards Gap.

Now this is a road that has long been on my radar and to be honest I was a little disappointed. It allegedly follows the route taken by Napoléon Bonaparte in 1815 when he returned from exile in Elba. It has a reputation as a great biking road, but I was a little underwhelmed. True there are parts that are fun, some of the views are super, as are the small towns and villages, but….the surface is often terrible, the traffic heavy and camper-vans travel in convoy, 14 in a line was the worse I saw, thankfully going the other way!!! Had some fun when two German Harley riders hooked up with me for the last twenty miles into Gap, which was even hotter than Tournon, 34 degrees would you believe!

Views along the Route de Napoléon.



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