The Italian Job Day Three

Bon jour mon amis!

Woke up to thick fog in Le Bessat, mind you, it is over 3000′ above sea level, think Snowdon.
Fog cleared as Harley and I headed towards the Rhône valley.

Currently taking a break in Tournon sur Rhône. Couple of photos attached at end of post.

Sorry that I omitted to report on yesterday’s mileage, total was 378 including the evening excursion into St E.

Today the plan is to continue onto Grenoble, famous for the Winter Olympics in, I think, 1968. Then follow the Route Napoléon to Gap and on to Barcelonette and o/n in Jausiers. Weather is now sweltering, but will doubtless get cooler as the climb into the mountains begins.

Ride hard, ride a Harley!


Le Bessat


Ex CdF Vivrais Loco in Tournon


The Rhone at Tournon


4 thoughts on “The Italian Job Day Three

  1. Hi mate, enjoying the Blog, impressed by the daily miles – your butt must be made of iron. By tonight you’ll be up around 850 I guess – we only did 900ish in 5 days! Weather better here today thankfully. And thanks for the riding advice but I’ll stick with me Honda – upon which I hope to emulate these mileages in 2013 – for fear of being left behind!!


  2. Well why ll im in a large Q in toby carvery, awaiting my 1st takeaway !! Your riding the hi road ? stayaway from that red engine he s always trouble ! Id stick with the bomber ?


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