The Sun Shines

Hello again everyone.
Really nice ride this afternoon.

After my lunch stop the sun came out and boy did it shine, which made up for the miserable time Harley and I had this morning. To give you an idea, the time is now 20:40 local and the temp is currently a sweltering 27 degrees C!

Right first up, grab a load of this beauty!


This is a Mirage III jet, mounted imaginatively on a pole in the middle of a roundabout near St Amand. Where else can you find a nuclear bomber on a roundabout…only in France, superb!

Excellent fast run south down the Péage, don’t ask how fast, but that screen sure helps! Mind you all that fast running plays havoc with the fuel economy!!!!

Found a new favourite Autoroute, from Clermont to St Etienne, miles of sweeping bends just made for a Harley. Enjoyed it so much I might change my return route to do it the other way!

Popped into St E tonight, big industrial city, got some tiny nice bits, (had to be careful how it typed that bit, not to many t’s!!!!) don’t go out of your way to visit. Hotel is in a village called Le Bessat, small but nice. Only trouble is the church is next door, tomorrow is Sunday and this is a catholic country, merde!

Picture of the area.


Catch ya later. Thanks for all the messages.


1 thought on “The Sun Shines

  1. Hmmmmmm. Sun has just come out here (20.00hrs) but it still feels like 27 F, never mind C. So I won’t relay my true feelings as the website will probably block ’em….you take care on them bends now!!


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