Here We Go Again!

After a good night’s shut eye I woke up to…rain…..and a rather splendid breakfast!

To celebrate just how good the breakfast was and how heavy it was raining, I broke out my all in one Richa rain suit, had it five years never used it….I can report that it was superb, but unfortunately it now has a hole at the bottom of the leg where it touched the exhaust! The rain came down continuously from when I left the hotel at 08.45 until around 11.30, most of the time I was on the autoroute heading south towards Clermont Ferrand and the spray had to be experienced to be believed! Was I glad that I had a nice new front tyre with lots of excellent deep tread to cut through the standing water!

So you will appreciate that I have not grabbed any new photos this morning! Currently stopped for fuel and a breather at St Amand Montrond, which is just about the middle of France as you can get! Now looking forward to about another 150 miles of Autoroute, tedious, yes a little, but a good way to munch away the miles to the mountains.

Hopefully the hotel tonight has working WiFi so watch out, should be another update later!
In the meantime here is a pic from yesterday to keep you going.


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