Knock Off Day One

Good evening everyone, from a rather warm Chinon.

On reflexion, quite a mixed, yet highly enjoyable day.

I spoke too soon at lunchtime, cos when I got going again it really threw it down for a couple of miles. Then it stopped, then it started, then it stopped and started again…but only for a few minutes each time. By Angers things were definitely looking better, by Saumur the sun came out then it got nicely warm….now it’s pouring again, but the riding is over for the day!

283 miles in total, today, yes I know it’s more than google maps says, but I’m not always going the direct route.

Strangest sight of the day was a car parked in the corner of a field, next to a really fast bit of road, but with AV signs on it (French for À Vendre, for sale). It struck me:
1, Why park it next to a very fast road with no chance of people stopping;
2, No phone number;
3, Would you want to buy a car that had obviously been driven across a rather rutted field??????

Mind you this was pretty strange too, in the middle of a roundabout, halfway between Rennes and Angers…


The Loire between Angers and Saumur.


And finally, my hotel…with ensuite Harley outside my room, perfect!


Catch ya down the road tomorrow, long plugging day down the Autoroute to Clermont Ferrand and St. Étienne, stopping just South of St. E, let’s see what I can find on the way!


2 thoughts on “Knock Off Day One

  1. Good report and pics….. Although diddly bike is feeling a bit lonely, well done on the mileage. Bobo did 212 today, Bristol, Salisbury and saufampton.. No rain just twats in cars!
    Hotel looks nice, food report please….


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