Just South of Rennes

Hello everyone, it’s really happening now!

I am currently taking a short break at Vern sur Seiche, which is just south of Rennes.

After the à la carte of last night it’s down to earth with a bump for lunch, yep I’m in McDonalds! To be fair, McD in France is quite a bit different to back home, like you see slim people having lunch and the menu has some reasonably healthy stuff on it.

The run from Roscoff was nice. Weather reasonably kind so far, just a couple of light showers, but still bladdy windy. Filled up with gas at Morlaix, e157 a litre, then mile munched to near Jugon and took a break, 74miles in 53 mins, not bad. Traffic on Rennes rocade was merde, fuelled here so grabbed the opportunity of a quick bite and blog!

One of the many great things about a motorbike is that you are out there experiencing it all, weather, dirt and smells. This morning I had a bit of it all, but what a variety of smells! There was a bakery near Morlaix, a pâtisserie near Dinan, coffee roasters near Rennes, but best (worst) of all following two pig transport lorries through a five mile long contra- flow, poo!

This was the view from my balcony on board when we docked in Roscoff.


4 thoughts on “Just South of Rennes

  1. So about 134 miles in already, well done and I hope the weather picks up. Averaging 84 mph sounds good, surprised you manged to hang on! Enjoy and roll on 10/13!


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